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CNC Exhaust Pipe Bending Machine

CNC Exhaust Pipe Bending Machine

cold Bending Machine

cnc tube bending machine

Place of Origin:

Jiangsu China

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CNC Exhaust Pipe Bending Machine 185º , Roll Hydraulic Bending Machine



Quick Details


Condition: New                                                                              Place of origin: Jiangsu China

Model Number: SW38-90°                                                            Machine Type: Pipe and Tube Bending Machine

Raw Material: Pipe                                                                         Power: Hydraulic

Certification: CE&ISO                                                                    Technical: Cold and Heating Bending

Cooling System: water cooling                                                       Extra Services: End Forming



Technical parameters:


Technical parameters: :





Maximum pipe diameter (mm)


Φ 38×2

Maximum bending range (mm)



The maximum bending angle (deg)



Double curved center range (mm)



Bending accuracy (+/-Deg )



Bending speed (/sec)



number of bends each time


Φ 13×4,Φ 16×3Φ, 25×2

Oil Pump displacement (L/min)



Fuel tank capacity (L)



Motor Power (kw)



Hydraulic system pressure (MPa)



Dimensions (mm)



Weight (kg)





Note: The main components:


1,Text controller is from Taiwanese company;

2,PLC program machine from Delta
3,Proximity switches and encoders are Japanese "OMRON" and the Japanese "NEMICOM";
4,Pump and solenoid valve are from Taiwan's famous brand "Dawn hydraulic" and the famous Japanese brand "Yu Ci Yuken."





1. Text display, PLC control, machine operation is very stable.
2. Depending on the base, can be divided into standard and transition back.
3. Choose a variety of functions in any manual, automatic, semi-circle, full circulation.
4. Mobile pedal switch, with automatic start, emergency stop, emergency stop continued three functions, safe.
5. Two heads are available for simultaneous operation.

6. Multiple pieces can be processed simultaneously, cyclic operation, high efficiency.
7. Space inside and outside corner type head turned 90 degrees as the processing, the processing is more flexible, bending a wider range.



Machine Overview:


SW Series double-head hydraulic pipe bender is the company to improve and develop on the basis of the introduction of foreign technology, PLC control, hydraulic drive, to achieve cold winding down pipes and profiles bending; Manual, automatic, semi-circle, full-cycle flexibility to choose; Mobile pedal switch easy to operate, and has a start, stop, stop continued three functions, security is greatly improved; Automatic counting, easy to organize production;Round mold, bend the arm compact design, the finished pipe to facilitate removal;Multivessel small diameter can bend; may double or single head bending pipe is the ideal equipment for processing profiles.



Principle description:


The machine consists of the main part of the elbow agencies, top tight bodies, transfer molding institutions, electrical systems and hydraulic systems. In operation, the rotation of the motor driven pump, pressure oil is supplied, the microcomputer (PLC) to issue instructions to control the solenoid valve to open, close, so that the cylinders in a certain order and regularity actions to achieve the purpose of bending indeed.


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