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China Zhangjiagang Hengli Technology Co.,Ltd

Zhangjiagang Hengli Technology Co.,Ltd

In 2001,we set up our company,Hengli. Zhangjiagang Hengli Technology Co.,Ltd is specialized in developing and producing LG series and LD series cold pilger mill, straightener machine, cold drawing machine and so on. Cold pilger mill is our main product.We self-designed and manufactured LG30,LG60,LG90,LG120,LG180 and LG250 type series of cold pilger mill in 2003,and developed LG30HGL high-speed rolling mill (160 times/min) in domestic in 2010,so filled the domestic blank. In 20011, we developed LG10H, LG20H, LG40H, LG50H series cold pilger mills, which all adopted the leading, Rexroth servo motor control system in domestic area, and realized full automation of continuous feeding and rolling. In 2012, we developed the planet form super speed cold pilger mill LG20 and LG15 whose designed ...

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