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MH350 Aluminum Iron Thin Hollow Pipe Cutting Machine Stainless Steel Metal

MH350 Aluminum Iron Thin Hollow Pipe Cutting Machine Stainless Steel Metal

Thin Hollow Automatic Tube Cutter

MH350 Aluminum Pipe Cutting Machine

110mm Iron Pipe Cutting Machine

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Jiangsu China

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Rectangular Square Round Aluminum Copper Iron Stainless Steel Metal Thin Hollow Pipe Cutting Machine


1. Our multiaxial intersection cutting is mainly applied for thermal cutting of intersection line and end of various pipe system. Suitable work-piece material is mild steel and stainless steel, with wide range pipe diameter: 60mm~1.4m. The cutting head can changed to flame head or plasma head according to customers’ requirement. The supporting roller is self-aligned, which will prevent work-piece bouncing.

2. The pipe transmission of this cutting machine is chuck supporting roller combined type, cutting minimum cross angle is 20°, provide three kinds of groove dealing function:

(1) Fixed angle groove: according to the angle which user input to cut groove (Max groove angle 60°)

(2) Changed angle groove: groove changed according to two intercross face angle

(3) Fixed point groove: user can set several special point angle (4point or 8point),groove angle will change among these point smoothly.

3. Continuous cutting function: this machine has function of several intercross line continuous cutting, only need to input data for pipe cutting to machine one time, the machine can finish cutting for several intercross line automatically. During the procedure, there’s no need any person to control


Technical parameters:

1,Cutting motor

2/4pole 2.4/3KW


380V 50HZ(Control Line 110V 50HZ)

3,Cooling pump motor


4,Applicable Saw

Φ≤400 bore Φ32 pin hole 2×Φ11×63

5,Barometric pressure


6,Opening of the clamp




Configuration Introduction:

Electronic control parts:FR.L and solenoid valve are imported from  Air TAC Taiwan;Valve:Taiwan imported hydraulic Asada;

AC contactor:South Korean imported Shilin;Stop button and the start button is: Taiwan Tiandi;Other electrical accessories: Chint.


Machine features:

1, Reasonable price, easy to operate;

1, Hydraulic control more firmly gripping the workpiece,Feed more smoothly, help the continuity of load operations;

2, Low noise, no dust pollution, the cut is smooth, without burr;

3, Can be cut and miter various angles, perfect interface

4, Small machines, miter the same position when the raw materials, small footprint.



Machine Overview:

MH-350 metal pipe cutting machine,based on the introduction of foreign advanced technology,innovative and develop a hydraulic automatic sawing machine,Performance of their products reach the advanced level, Sawing various sectional shapes can be ordinary steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal profiles,Especially sawing various pipe is ideal. The machine uses hydraulic control,When sawing without artificial feeding, discharging, Its workpiece clamping, release, feed, retract automatically by hydraulic control ,The machining accuracy, high efficiency, suitable for long-term continuous operation.


Saw blade speed:

Generally mild steel metal selected speed; solid rods, stainless steel and other optional low.(Note: After heat treatment of materials or steel hardness HRC13 more,Is unavailable high-speed hacksaw to saw, otherwise shorten blade life.)



Cutting Quantity:


The machine is equipped with cutting the number of counters one (on the main control panel),The scheduled number of workpieces sawing input counter,The actual amount of cutting will be displayed on a small screen counter, When the actual number sawing consistent with preset number, the machine will automatically stop working, cutting the number of the actual counter is automatically reset to zero.


MH350 Aluminum Iron Thin Hollow Pipe Cutting Machine Stainless Steel Metal 0MH350 Aluminum Iron Thin Hollow Pipe Cutting Machine Stainless Steel Metal 1

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