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51 Mm Tube Pipe Shrinking End Forming Machine Steel Head Reduce Diameter

51 Mm Tube Pipe Shrinking End Forming Machine Steel Head Reduce Diameter

Tube Pipe End Forming Machine

51 mm Pipe Shrinking Machine

Pipe Reduce Diameter Shrinking Machine

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Jiangsu China

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Product Details
Max.Shrinking Capacity (Diameter)(mm):
51 Mm
Pipe Shrinking Machine
Outside Diameter Of Crimping Tube:
Maximum Buckle Pressure:
Product Description

Tube Pipe End Forming Machine Steel Pipe Tube Head Reduce Diameter


Steel pipe crimping machine is suitable for construction pipe joints, shrink fittings, steel pipe joints, scaffold steel pipe fittings, steel pipe fittings, construction steel pipes, construction scaffold pipes, vegetable greenhouse steel pipes, mosquito nets, etc. Mainly for the construction industry, building rental stations and other units for the 48,57 steel pipe joints, steel pipe truss buckle processing.



Steel pipe joints are mainly used for building scaffolding lengthened and connected accessories, can replace the top supporting screw, building retainer steel pipe joints, is a new type of building scaffolding pipe connecting elements. This connector has the following advantages:


1, simple structure, easy to use, well-manufactured, light and beautiful appearance.
2, no welding, saving materials, repeated assembly and disassembly performance.


Operating Instructions:

No. Name Technical Parameters Unit
1 Range of Reduction
 for Diameter
12 ~ 25 mm
2 Diameter of Mother Tube 10 ~ 20 mm
3 Time for
one reduction
4 ~ 6 s
4 Motor 3 kw
5 System pressure 17 Mpa
6 Machine Size 700*550*990 mm
7 Machine weight 500 kg



G400 pipe-shrinking  machine operations and processes


 1. Take out the mould by rotating it according to arrow direction, no reverse rotation allowed.

 2. Moulds can be changed according to different specifications.

3. Head length can be adjusted by middle adjusting rod, loose the belt wheel screw,  adjust the length and fasted the screw again.

4. Pour in 80% diesel and 20% engine oil, as the oil pump capacity is big, oil box entrance valve should be fully open, machine valve fix a little oil is ok.

5. After the umbrella-block wear down and the gap becomes big, you can put a gasket between umbrella block and the mould, but the gasket can not be too thick so that machine won't get stuck.

6. The lubrication oil should be changed after it gets dirty.



Safety Precautions


1,Place the machine on a fixed horizontal surface and the calibration level, the machine is stable.

2,Check the oil level before use, to keep the hydraulic oil target position in 1/2 or more.

3,Check the motor rotation, such as rotation error, please adjust the power wiring.

4,When the state machine automatically, please confirm the accuracy of the input data.

5,When the machine is operating, safety, the hands, the body, such as near the action area is prohibited.

6,People must be dedicated machine operation, and the operator should be able to reach and stand within the scope of the emergency stop button.

7,Machine must be grounded.

8,When remove mold, must turn off the power.

9,Please refuel oil regularly.

10,Keep the machine and the environment clean.

11,Not allowed to work in the dust, conductive particles and acids and other places.



Factory picture:


51 Mm Tube Pipe Shrinking End Forming Machine Steel Head Reduce Diameter 0



Part of the machine:


51 Mm Tube Pipe Shrinking End Forming Machine Steel Head Reduce Diameter 1


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