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Mini Rebar Steel Rolling Mill Small Hot 114mm High Roughness

Mini Rebar Steel Rolling Mill Small Hot 114mm High Roughness

Mini Rebar Steel Rolling Mill

114mm Small Hot Rolling Mill

high roughness Steel Rolling Mill

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Product Description

Mini Rebar Steel Rolling Mill Small Hot Rolling Mill


The bar will use cold billet or hot billet for production. They will be directly hoisted in rows to feeding roller way, then sent to the billet pushing roller way in rows for entering the billet-pushing type heating furnace for heating.


According to the different heating method and heating requirement for different kinds of steel, the billets will be heated to 1100-1200 centidegrees, then sent to roughing rolling mill assembly for rolling via furnace delivery table.


The whole rolling line is composed of 17 stands of rolling mill, including roughing rolling, intermediate rolling and final rolling


The roughing rolling mill and intermediate rolling assembly consist 11 stands of 2-roller high rigidity rolling mills with one DC motor driving 2 stands. The final rolling assembly is composed of 6 stands of high rigidity short stress line mills among which one stand is horizontal-vertical mill, all driven by DC motors individually. The roughing milling and intermediate milling adopt slight tension rolling for ensuring high quality product. In addition, for the sake of the work pieces getting into the rolling mills and for the sake of easy solving of accidents, before the final rolling assembly, one continuous fly shear is equipped to cut the head, tail of the work pieces and cut the work pieces in accidents.


For different kinds of products, the billets are rolled for 9 to 17 times to be 10 or 36 mm round bar, debar or small section steel. The max rolling speed is 15m/s.



LG80 two-roller steel rolling mill is applicable to state rolling,such as carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel,non-ferrous metal,rare metal and so on,with the characteristics of good turnoff precision,high surface roughness ect.



Item Name Unit Technical Parameter
Φ250 Φ300 Φ350 Φ400 Φ450 Φ500 Φ650
Diameter of Roller mm Φ235-275 Φ280-320 Φ325-380 Φ380-430 Φ430-480 Φ480-540 Φ620-680
Diameter of Rod Head mm Φ150 Φ160 Φ200 Φ240 V260 Φ300  
Length of Roller’s Working Area mm 500-700 700-900 750-1000 900-1100 1000-1200 1200-1500 1800
Linear Speed m/s       1.5×1.5      
Max Feedstock Size mm 60×60 90×90 902×902 6”1402/1602 9021002/1252 8”1652/1952  
Max Rolling Force tf 60 100 120 130 140 180 240-280
Finished Product  

round steelΦ6.5-Φ32

twisted steelΦ10-Φ36

flat steel12-60

deformed steel25-32series

angle steel2.5-3

round steelΦ6.5-Φ10

twisted steelΦ10-Φ40

flat steel12-60

deformed steel and frame

all kinds angle steel

angle steel 2.5#-6.3#

channel steel 5-6.3#

round steel Φ8-Φ38

light rail 8-15kg/cm

square steel 362

round steelΦ20-Φ100

beam steel 8#-10#

square steel 382-1002

light rail11-24kg/m

beam steel10#-20#

angle steel6.3#-12.6#

round steelΦ38-Φ100

square steel 502-1002

flat steel 20-30×50-60

beam steel 10#-16#

channel steel 8#-16#

angle steel 6.3#-12.6#



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We provides custom designed solutions on pilger mills and tube reducers. Our true value is in our expertise in engineering designs through active tri-matrix software and then constructing these designs using our 15+ years of production & maintenance experience. We pride ourselves in offering good engineering solutions to your tube manufacturing process with a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our global customer base covers all alloys such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, titanium, zirconium, gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other special alloy materials.

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